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“We want to create the best quality of life for you and your family ! ”
Classical Swiss Family Office

FONS SA offers you Swiss Family Office Services. It operates in Switzerland and in Europe. It ensures the strictest confidentiality to all its clients, as based on Swiss law. Trust between you and our organization is the most important issue. Our target is to serve prominent industrial company owners and high net worth individuals. FONS SA elaborates and manages tailor-made structures with creative solutions for your family estate and for other situations; such as inheritance, tax, real estate, banking, arts, education, etc.

FONS SA is independent

FONS SA focuses on the client interest and benefit.
In order to serve its clients independently, FONS SA will always avoid any conflict of interest with service providers, especially banks. We will compile and consolidate the data of the client’s various assets on his behalf.

FONS SA is based on privileged personal relations

The client will always benefit from individual contact with one of the organization’s partners: Dominique Baigneres, Olivier Brunisholz or Guillaume Lejoindre. FONS SA acts on behalf of its client using a POA (Power of Attorney) towards outside institutions and authorities. With a long-term view of these professional relationship, FONS SA will deliver its complex services in a consistent manner.

FONS SA specializes in Japan

The three founders and partners of FONS SA are highly experienced in the various services proposed to its clients:

Dominique BaigneresDominique Baigneres, a private banker based in Geneva.
French. He has been working 30 years for many prominent Japanese family clients in Tokyo, Paris and Geneva.

Olivier BrunisholzOlivier Brunisholz, founder, an international business and tax lawyer based in Geneva.
Swiss. He has been working 30 years for Japanese corporate and private clients. He has also developped his own legal practice in Geneva and in Fribourg,

Guillaume LejoindreGuillaume Lejoindre is a graduate of HEC (Ecole des Hautes Etudes Commerciales) in Paris. He has been a banker for more than 20 years, in Europe, Asia and the United States.
He entered the private banking business in 1999 as Head of Private Banking at Credit Agricole (Suisse) SA. He joined Société Générale Private Banking (Suisse) SA in 2008 as Chief Executive Officer. From 2012 to 2016, he was Chairman of the Board.

FONS SA has competent and reliable networks

FONS SA knows and maintains close relationships with leading private banks and different specialized services such as insurance companies and brokers, real estate agencies, lawyers, tax experts, accountants, relocation companies, reporting companies, trust companies, etc.
These institutions are not competitors. Instead, they are FONS SA network partners which serve its clients. FONS SA also utilizes the existing service providers of its clients. Thus, by using this network, FONS SA elaborates unique tailor-made solutions for the client’s needs.

Consolidated reporting services

FONS SA finds it of the utmost importance to report on the data of the various financial services used by its clients. Thus, the client can gain a better understanding of its service providers’ performances. The goal in reporting services is to reduce the unneccessery costs to the client and help him to remain totally in control of his wealth situation, while always knowing where the assets are. All given data will be treated anonymously.

Education for the 2nd and 3rd generations

Educating one’s successor to be a future leader is a very important issue for every family. A good leader needs to have a mature, balanced personality, excellent financial knowledge, exceptional capabilities in leading people and the ability to manage an institution. Future Japanese leaders need an even larger worldview. FONS SA is pleased and honored to contribute to this important issue.

FONS Family Office Network Service SA

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