FONS Family Office Network Service SA
What we do

What we do

Our expertise


Our team, which has many decades of experience in the field and works closely with several independent advisors, can provide you with valuable advisory experience and know-how. We will help you to organise your financial, artistic or real estate assets from a fiscal and financial point of view, as well as to manage your estate planning.

Auditing and monitoring

All of us have had long careers in law, taxation, banking and the art world, and over the years we have acquired a thorough knowledge of these fields, which we are passionate about. We will gladly put our skills at your service to audit your accounts and operations, your results and balance sheets, or your assets.

Our services


We provide ongoing support and personal advice on your assets and the best way to manage them. Thanks to our overview of your assets, we can advise you on potential purchases or investments, as well as on how to structure them. We can also advise you on your estate planning to ensure that it can be carried out properly, according to your wishes and legal possibilities. In addition, we can help you to plan your assets in a secure manner, or to find a way to manage them efficiently and smoothly within your family. Finally, we can also help you with the proper management of your family, its arrival in Switzerland, and all the steps that follow.

Account aggregation, asset overview

We can keep track of all your accounts with you. To do this, we first gather them all together to make it easier to visualise them. Once this is done, we will collect and analyse the results of the banks, the various operations carried out, and any other relevant data. There are many advantages to this. You will save time, and you will avoid management errors between your different accounts. Finally, you will have a better vision of your assets and will be able to make informed decisions based on your situation. Whether your assets are financial, artistic or real estate, we offer you a real overview of your possibilities!

Monitoring and reporting services

At FONS SA, we find it of the utmost importance to report on the data of the various financial services used by our clients. Thus, the client can gain a better understanding of its service providers’ performances. The goal in reporting services is to help people remain totally in control of their wealth situation, while always knowing where the assets are. All given data will be treated anonymously.

Education for the next generations

Educating one’s successor to be a future leader is a very important issue for every family. A good leader needs to have a mature, balanced personality, excellent financial knowledge, exceptional capabilities in leading people and the ability to manage an institution. We are therefore pleased and honored to be able to guide and supervise these second - and third - generations, so that they consolidate their foundations and can approach their new role as leaders in the best possible way. You will then be reassured of the success of the transfer of your assets.